• Build assessments for a new era: we develop technology-enhanced items and performance-based tasks for high-stakes assessments aligned to CCSS.

    build assessments for a new era

    We develop technology-enhanced items and performance-based tasks for high-stakes assessments aligned to CCSS.

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  • Turn your concept into code: we design and develop software for all digital platforms.

    turn your concept into code

    We design and develop software for all digital platforms.

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  • Take your vision to reality: we build learning products from concept to completion.

    take your vision to reality

    We build learning products from concept to completion.

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  • Economics and Personal Finance eBook screenshot

    Economics and Personal Finance

    The Virginia Department of Education needed course materials developed to support schools in teaching to a new high school requirement. Victory came to their aid, developing a yearlong course and deploying it online through their statewide LMS. When Apple revealed iBooks Textbooks, Victory leapt to convert the course for use on the iPad, taking full advantage of the format’s interactive capabilities. The resulting pair of iBooks textbooks were the first available on economics and personal finance in the iTunes store.

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  • iScience leveled readers


    Norwood House noticed an opportunity to integrate science into the ELA curriculum by providing science readers to support FOSS Science Kits, the leading inquiry-based science program in the United States. Victory’s team for science consulted with NSTA while writing, illustrating, and designing 30 leveled readers that align to the Common Core. Each book starts with a puzzle that kids solve as they think about the information presented in a measured, well-planned sequence.


  • Zoom: Gulf Oil Crisis Flash applet screenshot

    Zoom: Gulf Oil Crisis

    Gale Cengage asked Victory to compile data about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and present them in a variety of media through one Flash-based learning object. Our solution combines graphs of signal indicators, such as the total of shoreline that was despoiled, and a timeline of events related to the spill. The product incorporates video, slideshows, photos, and links to a variety of sources of news media outlets. Student and class activities focus on data analysis, critical thinking, and writing skills.

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  • PPAA Assessments session photo

    PPAA Assessments (Pruebas Puertorriqueñas de Aprovechamiento Académico)

    Victory’s Spanish-speaking assessment team has developed high stakes tests for Puerto Rico’s elementary and secondary students since 2010. Each year’s item bank is correlated to more than 1,400 content standards for seven grades in math, science, ESL, and Spanish. Engaged in every stage of production, Victory creates items, original passages, and artwork. The assessment team conducts item-writer workshops, content and bias committees, and data review meetings.


  • Breaking the Spanish Barrier

    award winner: Bookbuilders of Boston 2013

    Breaking the Spanish Barrier

    Victory Productions worked with John Conner, a leading voice of language instruction in the United States, to develop an iPad version of his successful Spanish language program. The iBooks Textbooks version of three levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) combine dynamic audio, video, and interactive exercises.

    This product is the first language textbook series in Apple’s iBookstore. John describes it as “revolutionary” and “game-changing,” for teachers and students. Victory also created the animated, interactive product showcase page at Breaking the Barrier’s website.

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  • Economics and Personal Finance
  • iScience leveled readers
  • Zoom: Gulf Oil Crisis
  • PPAA Assessments
  • Breaking the Spanish Barrier

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