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Michael Avidon

Inflation is not that entertaining

You will find that a billion dollars is not what it used to be. I like old movies, songs, and books. Sometimes they reference amounts of money that are puzzling. If they were made long ago, or take place long ago, how much money are they talking about? The problem is even more compounded if…

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El modelo epidemiológico SIR

Cuando nos pidieron a los editores que escribiéramos algo para el Blog, me pregunté: “¿Esa no era una película de ciencia ficción con Steve McQueen?” Pero la amenaza que vamos a examinar es otra llamada coronavirus, y en particular un tipo de modelo SIR, el modelo Kermack-McKendrick, el cual relaciona tres variables que describen los…

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Victory Productions fills the gaps in at-home learning

Students, parents and guardians, teachers, and school administrators are struggling to get used to the new “normal” of at-home learning. While parents and guardians worry about their child’s mental health after being stuck in isolation for so long, educators are finding teaching remotely to be very different from what they were used to. Victory Productions…

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Examining the Coronavirus through the S.I.R. model

When they asked the editors to write something for this blog, I thought, “Wasn’t that a sci-fi movie with Steve McQueen?” But we are going to look at a different menace called the coronavirus, and in particular an S.I.R. model, which relates three variables that describe the three groups that a population is divided into…

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