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Classroom Innovations

El aprendizaje a distancia en el hogar: Cómo mantener los principios básicos y cuáles son las mejores prácticas

At-Home Distance Learning

  La educación a distancia en el hogar y el replanteamiento de la manera de llevar a cabo el aprendizaje son resultados claves de la pandemia global. ¿Qué es el aprendizaje? ¿Cómo ocurre?   Desde una perspectiva piagetiana, el aprendizaje es la asimilación y acomodación de nueva información dentro de un marco existente. Desde una…

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Tomorrow’s Classroom

future classroom

It’s a new year and it’s time to see what the future may hold. So let’s look at the top educational trends in 2019 and their affects on teachers and students. Two dominant curriculum trends are impacting educational publishing: the movement toward personalized learning and the need for critical thinking lessons. The Personalized Learning Movement…

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Innovative Classroom Strategies

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Innovation is a hot topic in education, and teachers are constantly being asked to be innovative in their classrooms. But what exactly is classroom innovation? In her recent blog post on innovation in education, Beth Holland describes innovation as “something that is not only novel and an improvement, but also impactful and meaningful.” For her,…

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