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Enseñanza remota de ciencias durante COVID-19

Teaching Science Remotely During COVID-19- Forces Science Labs Online and in Homes

  COVID-19 ha cambiado por completo la forma en que trabaja la mayoría de las personas. Bajo las restricciones del distanciamiento social, que incluyen prohibiciones a grupos de más de 10 personas, requisitos de refugio en el lugar y cuarentenas, muchos lugares de negocios tienen empleados que trabajan de forma remota. Algunas de estas empresas…

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Comprensión e interpretación de datos


Dos médicos de California utilizaron recientemente los datos que recolectaron en sus centros privados de atención de urgencia para extrapolar las tasas de enfermedad y mortalidad de COVID-19 para el estado. Varios medios de comunicación presentaron estos nuevos “hallazgos” como un hecho, simplemente porque no comprendieron los datos o cómo interpretarlos. Esto es problemático por…

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Understanding and Interpreting Data

Understanding and Interpreting Data_1

  Two California physicians recently used data they collected in their private urgent-care facilities to extrapolate COVID-19 illness and mortality rates for the state. A number of news outlets reported these new “findings” as fact, simply because they didn’t understand the data or how to interpret them. This is problematic for a number of reasons,…

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Teaching Science Remotely During COVID-19

Teaching Science Remotely During COVID-19- Forces Science Labs Online and in Homes

  COVID-19 has completely changed the way most people work. Under the constraints of social distancing, which include bans on groups of more than 10 people, shelter-in-place requirements, and self-quarantines, many places of business are having employees work remotely. Some of these businesses are already seeing the benefits of a remote workforce, including increased productivity…

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Robotics and the NGSS

Four robot toys that people may remember from childhood

It’s been more than 50 years since The Jetsons came into living rooms and promised viewers things beyond their wildest dreams. Of course, not all of their predictions have come true yet, but since the show is set in 2062, science has quite a few years to catch up. Still, the world is pretty futuristic…

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Five Challenges in Implementing NGSS

By Airman 1st Class Larissa Greatwood ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have brought many U.S. classrooms into the 21st century. In a world increasingly ruled by computers and robotics, this knowledge and these skills will be instrumental to the success of tomorrow’s workforce. NGSS has brought something else to the classroom—inquiry-based learning. Gone are the days when a science teacher…

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Impact of the NGSS

Tallinn Digital Summit. Introduction for elementary school children to coding through a robotics programme 37114982600

Why Do We Need the NGSS? To understand the impact of the NGSS, take a look around. What do smartphones, multivitamins, organic pesticides, self-driving cars, solar panels, and kevlar have in common? Science. Science touches everyone in the United States every day, yet the U.S. national standards for teaching K-12 science remained unchanged from 1997 until…

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Leveling the STEM Playing Field

WomenAmongSTEMGraduates TheAtlantic

This blog was exclusively written for by: Jarrah Bulton STEM Education Today Why is there a lack of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers? A graph shared by The Atlantic shows that only 25% of STEM graduates in the United States are women. Educators are working to address this issue and encourage…

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Is Automaticity a 21st-Century Math Skill?

blog78arrow 1

Regardless of our age, we all share a common rite of passage in early education— the mastery of math facts. Although the way we practice math facts has changed over the years, we all remember doing them over and over again. For me, it was learning the multiplication tables by using physical flash cards, a…

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Test Drive a Science CEPA (Curriculum-Embedded Performance Assessment)


We continue to explore the changing landscape in STEM assessment. This 5-minute video gives a whirlwind tour of our prototype Science CEPA (Curriculum-Embedded Performance Assessment).

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