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Protected: New Website Design for CEE (Council for Economic Education)

EdTech Tip: Plagiarism

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In our last EdTech Tip we discussed how we approach fact checking in the digital age. One of the keys to fact checking is to put the onus on the writer: document your sources. This saves the fact checker time, and it has an added benefit—it makes it easier to  detect plagiarism. Plagiarism is not necessarily something done by evil…

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EdTech Tip: Fact Checking

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When educational content goes digital, there is a tendency to pick up and adapt processes that were used for print. Often that works well, but shifts in thinking are usually needed. When it comes to fact checking print products, for example, we assumed that if a fact was correct when published, it would not be considered an egregious…

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EdTech Tip: Using Screencasts for Feedback

back to school apple books education school learning.

I once worked for an editorial director who held us to a very high standard: If even one student could misinterpret our text, then it was unclear. We went back and forth as to whether this was a realistic goal, but it certainly improved our products. I often think back to it when we direct…

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EdTech Tip: Sharing Calendars

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Victory recently created a calendar of educational publishing conventions for our holiday email. I’d like to share some insights we discovered along the way.

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EdTech Tip: Image Search

Image Search

Did You Know… …you can drop an image into a search box and find that image on the Internet? Image Search is a powerful tool in EdTech. Here are a few of your options:  To get here fast, google “Image.” Not surprisingly, Google Images comes up as the first link. TIP: If Chrome is your browser of choice, save time by right-clicking…

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