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Curriculum Round Up

curriculumCurriculum is changing. Schools are moving towards competency-based assessment and personalized learning is becoming popular in many districts. Many states are moving away from the Common Core. All of these issues affect what is being taught in the classroom. How to keep up with the trends and movements? Here are some links to help keep you abreast of what is happening now.

Personalized Learning

Is it right for your students? Here’s a definition and explanation of personalized learning that will help you decide if it would work for your students.

Competency-based Assessment

Vermont is leading the way in competency-based learning. Should your district or state be exploring this hot trend? Read the article about what is happening in Vermont.

This link explores different topics and trends in curriculum. Here are a few you could explore.

  • According to different surveys, Finland leads the world in education. What can we learn and adapt from Finnish education policies?
  • With the new administration and education policy changes, what do families know about the education their children are now receiving? This article explores what parents know and don’t know about the current state of education.
  • Should more time be spent on deeper learning? Read the article by Linda Darling-Hammond, a leading education expert, and find out the effect deeper learning lessons have.

This link explores 11 Big Trends in Education that happened in 2016 and what trends are carrying over to 2017. Read about the predictions and see if they have come true.

To Art or Not to Art

Budgets are tight in many schools and arts programs have been cut. Is this a good thing? Why should schools continue to promote arts programs? The article explores different ways schools are keeping arts programs, why they are, and ways your schools might do the same.


Tech education remains a large part of many curricula. What kinds of tech products are being created? Where is tech education going? This article explores both predictions and the state of the EdTech market.

What’s happening with curriculum in your area? Let us know.

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