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EdTech: Long-Term Convergences

As we leap ahead in the EdTech era, we wanted to look back a moment and put EdTech in perspective. This video explains three long-term convergences we see:

  • convergence of content and interactivity through technology;
  • convergence of what had been isolated “silos” of curriculum; and
  • convergence of instruction and assessment, which had been distinct phases of the education process.

Clearly, technology is the factor that enables these long-term convergences. An exciting EdTech example is EduWidgets, developed by Victory for the Virginia Department of Education. EduWidgets is an extremely flexible authoring platform that enables both students and teachers to create and share digital learning objects. See one of the 26 exemplars we produced:

Interactive Timeline: The Dust Bowl

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Curriculum   Assessment   Software   Professional Learning               metacog

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