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EdTech Round Up (May 2017)

Victory's EdTech ServiceBy now, we know that educational technology is here to stay. Not only has “classroom” education expanded to include digital classrooms and smart technology, but pedagogical theories have found ways to embrace EdTech too. So EdTech isn’t just a trend, it’s a movement that touches just about every corner of teaching and learning. As these links from around the web show, educators and thinkers are finding new applications for the technology.


Designers have rushed to align learning products with the buzzy idea of gamification, but what does gamification actually do to the learning process? While it’s important to understand more about key learning styles, engagement is likely the reason that gamification helps students process information more efficiently. And anecdotal evidence certainly points to increased student involvement and fun when games are involved.

Mobile Technology

Smartphones and home computers have redrawn old boundaries of where learning can take place. But maybe mobile learning isn’t equally suited to all content areas. While allowing students to complete assignments via a phone could be convenient for teachers, a careful consideration of how and where to deploy this technology is essential.

Digital Natives

New research suggests that the brains of Generation Z students may come “pre-wired” for technology. No, this isn’t a sci-fi movie, it’s a new reality. Growing up surrounded by computers, cell phones, and Internet-of-Things devices has enabled students to process information more rapidly. Instead of fearing this wiring, EdTech users should embrace the neuroscience.

Sketch with Data

Consider this one “low-fi EdTech.” The world is now filled with data, but sketching infographics and other visual representations the old fashioned way may give better insight into that data. As this discussion on sketching and infographics argues, “drawing plays an important role in the production and communication of knowledge.” And there’s lots of compelling infographics to peruse too.

What new avenues of teaching and learning do you see EdTech entering in the future?

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