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EdTech Tip: Sharing Calendars

Victory recently created a calendar of educational publishing conventions for our holiday email. I’d like to share some insights we discovered along the way.

sharing calendars

Old-school calendars

You very likely work with people who still use a print calendar. Why? Among other things, they love the instant access (you can carry it everywhere and flip to a page) and the speed of entry (writing “Joe 10 AM –” in pencil takes no time). Plus it’s easier to read than a smartphone calendar. However, a print calendar is not so easy to share.

Why use Internet calendars?

Just as with ebooks, there are many advantages to going digital:

  • Invite people, set up reminders,  and automatically email when the event changes.
  • It’s easy to search (who was the last person to meet with
  • Your updates and corrections reach everyone.
  • Left your phone at home? Access your calendar from any device on the Internet.
  • People can forward and share your events.
  • Subscribe and see all your calendars all in one place.

Things to consider when sharing calendars

One company is on Microsoft Outlook, another on Google Calendar, and a third uses Apple iCal. How can you make sure you reach everyone?

We found this HubSpot blog very useful. They recommend using three calendar formats to support the most common business email platforms. But that’s for a single event.  We discovered that subscribing to our calendar can be offered with two links:

Subscribe in Google Calendar.
Subscribe in Apple Calendar, iCal, or Outlook (Windows).

Allow others to edit your calendar?

As a social tool, a crowd-sourced calendar is powerful if anyone can add an event. Social media is all about engaging people in a discussion. But we chose not to allow edits to our shared calendar. We instead welcome suggestions via an email link below the calendar.

Do you think this was the right choice? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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