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metacog Partners with PhET Interactive Simulations

A lot of education companies are putting data analytics to work, because the first step in improving student outcomes is to see where students are.

All Data Analytics Were Not Created Equal

But you can only get so much from information collected outside the activities. That kind of data is like taking student attendance — was the student present? Did the student stay for the whole class? How many activities did the student complete, and what were the scores?

These status reports are useful, but to truly get insight, you need to see what students are doing inside the digital activities. These are the kinds of richer questions we can now ask:

  • Did the student struggle?
  • Did the student persist and improve?
  • Did the student achieve a high score through insight into the core principles and practices?

metacog Partnering with PhET Interactive Simulations

In the STEM disciplines, metacog is paving the way with a joint venture with PhET Interactive Simulations, the premier developer of science simulations. The timing couldn’t be better, as many publishers are struggling to develop programs that match the spirit and intent of the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).

See the press release for more details, and feel free to share with your colleagues.

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