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What is metacog?

Watch this video for some behind-the-scenes thinking about metacog, our ground-breaking data analytics work.

What is metacog?

metacog is a series of APIs (application programming interfaces), or more simply put, software tools that give information to other software applications.

What does metacog do?

metacog is the engine in your car. It’s the paint on your paintbrush. It’s the tomato in your pasta sauce. By itself, metacog is a piece of code. But together with an online learning experience, we can see what learners do, analyze how they think, and improve the ways they learn.

metacog APIs give your educational products richer, deeper, more detailed data on learning. metacog shows you how learners approach problems, not just their final answers.

How does metacog work?

metacog works like your GPS. It collects data on your current location, and uses the data to tell you where to go, and the best way to get there. That’s why we call metacog an enabling technology, because it works behind the scenes of a digital experience to:

  • watch how learners are interacting with the online activity
  • analyze learners’ approaches to the problem
  • give you visual reports not only on how well learners did a problem, but exactly how they did it.

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