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El modelo epidemiológico SIR

Cuando nos pidieron a los editores que escribiéramos algo para el Blog, me pregunté: “¿Esa no era una película de ciencia ficción con Steve McQueen?” Pero la amenaza que vamos a examinar es otra llamada coronavirus, y en particular un tipo de modelo SIR, el modelo Kermack-McKendrick, el cual relaciona tres variables que describen los…

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What Science and History Can Tell Us About COVID-19

The internet is a wonderful tool, when wielded correctly. But when people follow it blindly they can be misled or come to believe things that are simply not true. Here are some science and history facts you may want to know about before reading any more opinions about COVID-19 on social media. Science Evolves In…

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Examining the Coronavirus through the S.I.R. model

When they asked the editors to write something for this blog, I thought, “Wasn’t that a sci-fi movie with Steve McQueen?” But we are going to look at a different menace called the coronavirus, and in particular an S.I.R. model, which relates three variables that describe the three groups that a population is divided into…

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