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Teaching a Holistic Approach to Writing

PEW survey data

Here’s a scenario many educators are all too familiar with: a new writing assignment is met with blank stares, or worse, outright revolt. We know that writing is key to literacy and is linked to great student success, so what’s the problem with this scenario? Instead of approaching writing as a chore, we should introduce…

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5 Keys to Assessment Literacy

At Victory, we have been developing many kinds of assessments. Whether the assessment is high-stakes summative testing, a performance-based task, or formative student self-assessment, assessment has a huge impact on classroom instruction. This means assessment literacy is a critical tool for teachers as they develop curriculum and apply classroom strategies. What Is Assessment Literacy? What does…

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So You Want to Make an e-Book

ebook format comparison

Here are some insights into different formats available for creating e-books—and some issues to consider. When picking an e-book format, you’ll be making trade-offs among these factors: device compatibility (What devices/platforms can customers read it on?) sales compatibility (Where can you sell it?) features (What does it look like? What can it do?) ease/cost of…

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