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Key Trends in Math Education for Upcoming Adoptions

At Victory, we have a history of collaborating with clients to find key market differentiators. What key trends in math education should guide publishers gearing up for the 2020 math adoptions in Alabama, Tennessee, and Utah? More important, how can the work for these states set the stage for a huge year in 2021, when…

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Is Automaticity a 21st-Century Math Skill?

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Regardless of our age, we all share a common rite of passage in early education— the mastery of math facts. Although the way we practice math facts has changed over the years, we all remember doing them over and over again. For me, it was learning the multiplication tables by using physical flash cards, a…

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A Three Dimensional Learning Task

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In many recent projects, we have taken on the challenge of developing three-dimensional learning tasks and lessons. We often start with a close reading of the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). The instructional designers then meet with subject matter experts to design a task with learning outcomes that measure specific performance expectations. In the example below,…

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EduGames for Developing Mathematical Practices

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A little while ago we posted about using a game-like simulation for authentic assessment. We used a different approach with Drop Zone, a two-person EduGame Victory developed for the NCTM Calculation Nation web site. Here there’s no pretense of authenticity; the goal is simply to make adding fractions fun (and develop CCSS Mathematical Practices). Please watch this…

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Test Drive a Science CEPA (Curriculum-Embedded Performance Assessment)


We continue to explore the changing landscape in STEM assessment. This 5-minute video gives a whirlwind tour of our prototype Science CEPA (Curriculum-Embedded Performance Assessment).

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STEM Assessment Landscape

Talking to the Test: Rigor & Depth of Knowledge

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Help us take the pulse of the education industry! Please click one radio button in the poll question. After submitting, you can see how other educators have responded. Rigor is a concept that both Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards have brought into the spotlight. This brief video reviews the basics of Depth…

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