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metacog Releases Automated Real-time Rubric-based Scoring API

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Victory’s spinoff metacog just released its advanced scoring analytics API at ISTE 2015 in Philadelphia. See the press release here, and feel free to share it with your colleagues. Why Assessment Has Changed Assessments have been evolving rapidly, mostly due to these factors: The new standards (Common Core and Next Generation Science) focus on practices…

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What’s Next? Part 2: Curriculum

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In this video, Victory’s editorial directors for STEM and ELA/Social Studies discuss what’s new and what’s next in curriculum development. Below are links to resources alluded to in the discussion. It has always been true that technological advances change education. Here we examine more deeply why these changes take place and discuss (in historical context) how…

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Design: The Secret Behind Effective Digital Learning Experiences – Part 1

Test Drive a Science CEPA (Curriculum-Embedded Performance Assessment)


We continue to explore the changing landscape in STEM assessment. This 5-minute video gives a whirlwind tour of our prototype Science CEPA (Curriculum-Embedded Performance Assessment).

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STEM Assessment Landscape

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