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Comprensión e interpretación de datos


Dos médicos de California utilizaron recientemente los datos que recolectaron en sus centros privados de atención de urgencia para extrapolar las tasas de enfermedad y mortalidad de COVID-19 para el estado. Varios medios de comunicación presentaron estos nuevos “hallazgos” como un hecho, simplemente porque no comprendieron los datos o cómo interpretarlos. Esto es problemático por…

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From STEM to STEAM to STREAM: Should We Be Adding More Subjects to STEM?

STEM In the late ’90s and early 2000s, multiple studies showed that students in the United States were falling behind in the sciences and math, while students in other countries excelled. A 2006 study by PISA (the Programme for International Student Assessment) ranked U.S. student performance in math and science 21st out of the 30…

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Science and the Arts: If You Can’t Beat ’Em, Join ’Em

Short history of art vs. science Art and science have been at something like “odds” ever since the Romantic period in European culture. The debate between the two centered on which of these human endeavors deserved pre-eminence in the cultural hierarchy. Which revealed the most important truths about human existence? On one side were the…

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Update on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) continue to impact the science curriculum and how science is taught. The adoption and implementation of NGSS by states provide opportunities to learning companies in content development. Adoption of Next Generation State Standards (NGSS) The map shows the states that have adopted NGSS or have revised their science standards…

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Is Automaticity a 21st-Century Math Skill?

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Regardless of our age, we all share a common rite of passage in early education— the mastery of math facts. Although the way we practice math facts has changed over the years, we all remember doing them over and over again. For me, it was learning the multiplication tables by using physical flash cards, a…

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5 Keys to Visual Literacy

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When we develop digital solutions at Victory, we want the end user to experience visuals as intuitively as possible. Because space is always at a premium, visuals and text are equally important. The visuals need to immediately convey information and tell an extended story. When used well, they not only save space on the page (a…

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Skate Park Performance Task

skate park

We have become proficient at developing performance tasks closely aligned to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). Of course, a good performance task aligns to standards across multiple disciplines. The following task was developed for middle grades and for these learning goals. Please watch the video and then try the performance task. We’d love to hear…

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What’s Next? Part 2: Curriculum

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In this video, Victory’s editorial directors for STEM and ELA/Social Studies discuss what’s new and what’s next in curriculum development. Below are links to resources alluded to in the discussion. It has always been true that technological advances change education. Here we examine more deeply why these changes take place and discuss (in historical context) how…

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Test Drive a Science CEPA (Curriculum-Embedded Performance Assessment)


We continue to explore the changing landscape in STEM assessment. This 5-minute video gives a whirlwind tour of our prototype Science CEPA (Curriculum-Embedded Performance Assessment).

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STEM Assessment Landscape

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