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The ‘Roaring Twenties’ changed how Americans lived

By Shawn Downes, English Language Arts editor The 1920s are known as the “Roaring Twenties.” The Roaring Twenties began 100 years ago. This decade was an exciting time in America. Many changes happened in the 1920s. People changed where they worked. People changed where they lived. People could buy new things. They could do new…

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La pandemia de influenza de 1918

By Shawn Downes, English Language Arts editor El 11 de noviembre de 1918, terminó oficialmente la Primera Guerra Mundial. Muchas personas celebraban a medida que llegaba a su fin una de las peores guerras que el mundo había visto. Sin embargo, justo cuando los enemigos en el campo de batalla hacían las paces, un nuevo…

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How the flu pandemics compare

By Shawn Downes, English Language Arts editor Back in 1918, social distancing helped flatten the curve to allow life to return to normal. On Nov. 11, 1918, World War I officially ended. Many people were celebrating as one of the worst wars the world had ever seen came to a close. However, just as the…

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What Do Plants Need To Grow?

By Morgan Turano, science editor Grades 2 & 3 Science experiment: For students More in this series If you want to help your child, use our version for guardians. Also we provide a Spanish version. Part 1 Introduction What do plants need to grow? Do they need water? Do they need sunlight? How can we…

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Making a Solar Cooker (For Students)

By Morgan Turano, science editor Part 1 Have you ever opened a car door on a hot summer day? You may have noticed that inside the car was hotter than outside the car. In fact, inside a closed car can get much hotter than it is outside. On a sunny day the inside of a…

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