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The Next Wave of Competency Portfolios

Victory’s spin-off, metacog, is up and running. As with any breakthrough technology, it may take some time for people to realize its full potential.

One promising area has been getting a lot of buzz lately: competency portfolios. Originally, portfolios were the domain of artists or architects, and competency portfolios retain a visual emphasis. You want to see what someone can do. Show me! However, a competency portfolio is typically summarized by a report, and you can’t always see the work behind the badges or microcredentials. This is especially true for open-ended assessments that in the past haven’t been machine-scorable.

That can all change with metacog. Watch our video on competency portfolios to learn more.

With the playback feature of metacog, an employer will be able to see the open-ended tasks an individual performed to earn a microcredential. We think this will be a game changer. As always, we welcome your input via the comments.

To find out more about metacog, visit our revamped website at

The developer section has information to help your programmers test it out.

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