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EdTech Tip: Image Search

Did You Know…

…you can drop an image into a search box and find that image on the Internet?

Image Search is a powerful tool in EdTech. Here are a few of your options:  To get here fast, google “Image.” Not surprisingly, Google Images comes up as the first link. TIP: If Chrome is your browser of choice, save time by right-clicking on an image:

Image_Search  Click Image Match to the right of the search box. There is no drag-and-drop option, but you can upload an image.  You can drag an image to anywhere on this Image Search page. This is also available as an API, so you can incorporate it into your products.

Image Search Use Cases

These days we see many products configured from multiple sources. Generally images in a CMS (Content Management System) carry permissions as metadata, but sometimes this falls through the cracks. How can you recover permissions data? With Image Search!

Here are some additional use cases:

  1. Research Permissions  Find permissions of images that a third-party company supplied for your product.
  2. Find Royalty-Free Images  Search for royalty-free images that are similar to an image you like. After you do the similarity search, you can filter by permissions.
  3. Identify Key Image Details  Identify an animal or plant in a photo. The Web site says it is a Pygmy Elephant, but is it really?
  4. Research Photo Provenance  Find out where and when a photo was shot.
  5. Discover Copyright Infringement  Search for your own images being used without your permission on the Internet.
  6. Research Cover Images  Find out where an image is being used on the Internet. Suppose you choose a cover photo for an iBook. Are other products using this image? You want to find out before you publish!

Can you think of other uses? Please add your ideas in the COMMENTS!

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