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Supervising Editor (Science)

Company Overview

Victory was founded in 1995 as a content development, design, and composition company which partnered with major educational publishers in both English and Spanish. Ten years ago the company recognized and fully embraced the opportunities afforded by digital technology and began producing dozens of varied online products. In the last five years Victory has been noted for its excellence in high stakes assessment testing and production tools. Today, Victory offers a unique mix of content and technology expertise, coupled with impeccable project management. Victory’s nimble and decisive environment fosters collaboration among in-house teams, expert freelancers, and our clients to bring inspired products to national and international educators and classrooms.

Position Summary

On-site position based in Worcester, MA.

The Supervising Editor is an experienced and creative individual with a strong background in STEM, with emphasis on science content development at grades K-12, senior-level editorial management experience, and up-to-date knowledge of STEM educational trends and practices. The position also increasingly calls for knowledge of the Next Generation Science Standards, especially the three dimensions as articulated in A Framework for K-12 Science Education. Expertise and experience in assessment at K-12 levels will also be beneficial. If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume to [email protected].


The Supervising Editor is responsible for the content and quality of all assigned projects, as well as the management and development of editors or other project members under his or her supervision. Supervising Editors supervise multiple projects headed by Senior Editors while also acting as content lead for projects personally. May act as a subject matter expert and product advocate at industry conventions, client meetings, and other appropriate venues.

Essential Functions and Expectations

  1. Serves as the editorial content lead on one or more projects, is responsible for overseeing those projects through the various editorial development stages, for supervising in-house editorial staff as appropriate, and for ensuring that all work satisfies the client's quality expectations and requirements. May act as a writer of educational materials when needed.
  2. Ensures that all content queries and concerns from freelance writers, editors, and other offsite subcontractors are addressed in a timely and effective manner during a project, and that appropriate feedback and guidance is provided to those freelancers and subcontractors
  3. Works closely with the Editorial Director, English Language Division on editorial job assignments, schedules, and workflows to ensure all work can be done on time and within budget.
  4. Meets all internal and external schedule deadlines and milestones for each project; otherwise, communicates to the Editorial Director and Project Coordinator any deadline that will be potentially missed as much in advance as possible and helps to plan for contingencies.
  5. Attends all content-related project meetings—both internally within Victory and externally with clients—as necessary and contributes any relevant information about content, schedule, client feedback, issues to be resolved, etc.
  6. Assists the Editorial Director, English Language Division in monitoring editorial staffing and resource needs as well as in training the necessary and appropriate personnel for specific projects.
  7. May be required to attend industry conventions, client meetings, etc., to assist in developing client relations and supporting sales efforts.
  8. Exhibits a positive, "can do" attitude at all times and works collaboratively with senior management and colleagues, including those in other departments such as Technology, Quality Control, Graphic Services, Sales, and Marketing, to troubleshoot, problem solve, and brainstorm all necessary issues.
  9. Communicates clearly and effectively at all times in verbal and written form with both employees and clients, and is also able to listen actively and attentively.


Candidate demonstrates a strong, specialized understanding of science content development at the K-12 level, including up-to-date knowledge of science educational trends and practices, such as a familiarity with and working knowledge of the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards as articulated in A Framework for K-12 Science Education. Expertise and experience in assessment at K-12 levels will also be beneficial.


  1. Five or more years of experience editing science materials at the K-12 level. Ideally, has experience with science curriculum development at the state or district level. Able to write engaging STEM educational materials at the appropriate grade levels.
  2. Familiar with technology applications and web based science resource creation (like digital content creation).
  3. Five or more years of experience managing others.
  4. A highly experienced grasp of the general publishing process, including editorial, graphic services, copyediting and proofreading, and technology.
  5. A degree in Science, or a related field; equivalent work experience may be substituted for such a degree. MS or PhD preferred.
  6. Clear and effective communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as active and attentive listening skills.
  7. Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and project management software.


  1. Has classroom teaching experience, ideally in middle school.
  2. Is familiar with the engineering/ design process and its relationship to levels of science inquiry.

How Victory Productions Is Different

Victory is already a recognized innovator in electronic media. Blended learning, the use of integrated media and technologies such as eBooks, videos, online courses and social interaction, are an integral part of the company’s development efforts. We’re also leading the way in the research of Big Data applications for education. This expertise puts Victory in a leadership role in the industry, providing a meaningful contribution to the evolution of education in the United States.

Victory Productions has many industry firsts:

  • Two of the first iBooks textbooks to be sold on the iTunes Store: the Economics and Personal Finance series and Breaking the Spanish Barrier.
  • The first K-6 online component to be submitted as an integral part of a state adoption. This 2005 K-6 social studies basal program swept California.
  • The first social studies iPad textbook app (grade 4) as part of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Beyond Textbooks initiative.
  • One of the first databases to track state standards (as early as 2004).
  • The first multi-touch LMS. Teachers choose the grade and state social studies standard to be taught. Lessons and content individualized for each student are presented, and the results are recorded and compiled.

Victory continues to develop engaging, content-rich, individualized learning experiences that are accessible at any time and available on multiple platforms:

  • Assessments (high-stakes, formative, technology-enhanced, CCSS performance tasks).
  • Basal and supplemental programs for all curriculum areas.
  • iBooks textbooks and other EPUB platforms, iPad Apps/Mobile Apps, web sites, online courses, LMS, LCMS, interactive labs, simulations, games, and animations.
  • HTML5 and iOS conversions and products.
  • Big Data analytics, multidimensional item-bank analytics, linguistic pattern analytics, visual grade books, natural language clustering engines, concept maps.
  • Bilingual products and modern language programs.

Victory has the expertise to provide a full array of publishing services, from the conception and creation of an innovative new product to the speedy completion of a basal program.

Come be a part of Victory’s team!

Job Posted: April 2019

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