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Problem Solving Case Study

Client Persona

The Client was a major textbook publisher producing products for the adoption market. This publisher had hired a vendor to create ELL materials. The publisher fell behind when the vendor could not deliver satisfactory materials to meet a California ELA adoption deadline. The publisher had to find a vendor who could produce ELL materials and meet a tight schedule.

Client Pain Point

The publisher needed a vendor with the requisite middle school and high school ELL expertise; and one that could produce quality work within a tight schedule. The publisher also required a vendor that could work collaboratively with another partner of its own: an online learning company. The two companies did not have in-house expertise or bandwidth to complete the project on a timely basis.

Victory’s Qualifications

  • Expertise in the ELL market
  • Ability to meet a tight schedule and respond quickly to feedback
  • Facile in working collaboratively with two or more partners

Victory’s Process with the Client

  • 1 To demonstrate ELL expertise, Victory hired an ELL consultant to meet with the Client. The consultant helped devise a prototype that satisfied both the publisher and the online learning company. The prototype was both creative and innovative, channeling Victory’s knowledge and expertise in the ELL market and its understanding of differentiated/leveled instruction.
  • 2 Victory then set up a team of writers and editors who understood the ELL market. In order to meet the tight schedule, Victory streamlined the development process by ramping up staff and also training writers and editors to make the project efficient. This allowed Victory to produce hundreds of lessons per week.
  • 3 Finally, Victory established weekly status meetings to keep Clients aware of the project timetable and goals and to troubleshoot contingencies, should they arise.


Victory established a collaborative working relationship with both clients. The project was carefully managed to meet schedules and to stay within the budget. The project was completed on time, on budget, and met the California adoption requirements. The publisher successfully took the largest market share of sales during the California adoption cycle. The success of the project led to more ELL/ELD work from the Client.

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