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FTP Server Login

To access the Victory Productions FTP (file transfer protocol) server please follow the directions in the email provided to you by our IT Department.

Usually it is Number. You will also be assigned a user name and password to access the FTP server. The user name and password are case sensitive.

If you are assigned to a project as a freelancer, you will be assigned a folder which will contain your assignment. Your folder will be designated by your name. This folder will normally contain two additional folders. The folders will be labeled "To_YourName" and "From_YourName" . The "To_YourName" folder may be empty until the Project coordinator populates the folder with your assignment. Please place all completed assignments in the "From_YourName" folder.

Please note, if you attempt to log into the FTP using a web browser, such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox, this is not supported.

If you are uploading files you will need an FTP client program. You can download a free FTP client program here:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our FTP server please email our IT Department.

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