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EconEdLink Market Research & UX Redesign

Summary: Victory was contracted to conduct a market research study and website redesign for the Council for Economic Education. CEE’s goal was to improve accessibility for instructors and to increase usage on their EconEdLink website, which serves both instructors and students across K-12. Victory assessed CEE’s existing materials with attention to instructional design, user interface…

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Breaking the Spanish Barrier

Summary: Victory worked with John Conner, a leading voice of language instruction in the U.S., to develop the iPad version of Breaking the Spanish Barrier. We did all production work and programming. This iBook has been described as “revolutionary” and “game-changing.” John describes the iPad version as a “dream come true,” combining dynamic audio, video, and…

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Math Tablet App for Early Childhood

Summary: In the TouchMath program, special-education and struggling students of all ages build proficiencies with numbers through a system that engages learners on auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic levels. Victory used a set of HTML5 technologies to create a rich web-based front end that offers convenient online access to familiar worksheets and reproducible materials in digital…

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Engineering Simulations

Summary: Victory developed a variety of simulations using HTML5 to support three engineering textbooks. Our staff provided the storyboards and coding to create simulations with accessibility following the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) accessibility standards. Victory also developed the artwork and the supporting calculations for the interactions. To meet the go-live date, Victory used JIRA…

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Economics & Personal Finance Course

Summary: Victory collaborated with the Client to develop an online, high school level Economics and Personal Finance course. Victory’s editorial and technology staff worked in collaboration with the Client’s content experts to develop instruction related to macro- and microeconomic concepts and financial literacy. The course was developed chiefly for high school students to satisfy Virginia’s…

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Economics Tutorials

Summary: Victory’s team of social studies editors, instructional designers, graphic designers, and software developers produced 9 engaging and highly interactive tutorials. Editors conceived the content based on publisher requirements and crafted the text Instructional designers devised the interactives and the self-paced learning flow Graphic designers created a cutting-edge graphical language as well as a polished…

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Suite of Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs)

Summary: Victory developed 23 prototype TEIs in HTML5 to help a company research new options for digital assessments. For 19 of these, Victory did complete concept development and instructional design. This project reflects our ability to develop interactive assessments using “templates” that provide a variety of functionality and look-and-feel. Selected topics: Math: Quadratic Equations Math: Cylinder…

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Summary: Victory conceptualized and developed this digital interactive authoring and collaboration system for the Virginia Department of Education. The idea was simple: Students become fully engaged when empowered to publish. In this widget authoring environment, students create timelines, graphs, and interactive images to share with the world upon teacher approval. Once published, students can embed…

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