CA Adoption ELL Integrated & Designated Paths

Integrated Path: Victory began the partnership with textbook publisher teams in 2014 with the development of the Access Path within StudySync’s existing Grades 6–8 TE reading lessons. Lessons for the Unit Introduction, Blast, Reading, Skills, Media, and an Extending Writing project were developed for units 1–4 of all three grades. Lessons align to California’s ELD…

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CA Adoption ELL Integrated Path

Summary: Working under an extremely tight deadline, Victory developed the Access Path within StudySync’s existing grades 6-8 TE reading lessons. Designed for English language development students, the Access Path offers scaffolded instruction for Emerging, Expanding, Bridging, and Approaching readers. The integration of the Core Path and the Access Path gives teachers the opportunity to move…

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ELA-Balanced Literacy – Sidebar Development

Summary: Victory was contracted to develop sidebar content for ELL student activities, formative assessments, and vocabulary-building exercises for a Balanced Literacy program. The ELA team developed these sidebars for 6 grade levels, containing 35 weeks within each grade, spanning 6 units. Victory also developed language objective statements for each unit across all grades. Facts: Developed…

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