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Asset Library Development

Summary: Victory developed social studies content for the Client. Our staff provided a variety of materials, including nonfiction articles, encyclopedia articles, Kahoots! Quizzes, ideas for map and infographic use in the classroom, and lesson outlines relating to ancient Rome and Greece. Victory also developed the concepts for two infographics and two maps, which were produced…

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Engineering Simulations

Summary: Victory developed a variety of simulations using HTML5 to support three engineering textbooks. Our staff provided the storyboards and coding to create simulations with accessibility following the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) accessibility standards. Victory also developed the artwork and the supporting calculations for the interactions. To meet the go-live date, Victory used JIRA…

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Science Biographies for California Edition

Summary: Victory was contracted to develop 24 biographic articles whose subjects, from both the past and the present, represented a range of diversity in the scientific disciplines. The 300- to 350-word articles highlighted the contributions and accomplishments of male and female professionals from varied racial backgrounds or those who had overcome physical disabilities to achieve…

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Biodiversity Project

Summary: The Client requested that Victory develop middle school science content relating to habitats and biodiversity. The materials we provided were nonfiction articles, encyclopedia articles, a Kahoots! Quiz, suggestions for infographics, and a lesson outline. Victory also developed two infographics from initial ideas to finished products. In addition, Victory created a “GeoStory” – ten encyclopedia-length…

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High-Stakes Assessment Translation

Summary: At Victory, our writers and editors apply their pedagogical experience to ensure that high-stakes assessments are appropriate for students’ learning curves at each grade level. Our team’s mastery of cultures and languages makes translation and adaptation from English assessments accurate and efficient, and we also develop original assessments in Spanish. Whether assessing English as…

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Puerto Rico High-Stakes Assessments

Summary: Victory’s Spanish-speaking assessment team developed high-stakes tests for Puerto Rico’s elementary and secondary students in math, science, ESL, and Spanish. The items covered  more than 1,400 content standards across seven grade levels. Engaged in every stage of production, Victory created items, original passages, and artwork. The assessment team also collaborated with the Puerto Rico…

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Suite of Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs)

Summary: Victory developed 23 prototype TEIs in HTML5 to help a company research new options for digital assessments. For 19 of these, Victory did complete concept development and instructional design. This project reflects our ability to develop interactive assessments using “templates” that provide a variety of functionality and look-and-feel. Selected topics: Math: Quadratic Equations Math: Cylinder…

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Summary: Victory conceptualized and developed this digital interactive authoring and collaboration system for the Virginia Department of Education. The idea was simple: Students become fully engaged when empowered to publish. In this widget authoring environment, students create timelines, graphs, and interactive images to share with the world upon teacher approval. Once published, students can embed…

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