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Math Homework Help (Spanish Translation)

Summary: For CPM, Victory’s math translation team translated Homework Hints for 104 chapters in Core Connections. We translated in Excel spreadsheets to facilitate importing into the client’s web-based delivery system. Art labels were translated and delivered via Excel as well. Facts: See the Spanish translations for grades 6-11 here: Tools: Microsoft Office MathType Adobe…

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Spanish Lesson Cards and Assessment Guide

Summary: Victory transadapted an English language product for Spanish lessons explained using English directions for the teacher. The Spanish content was based on different authentic texts that corresponded to the English lessons. We also translated and transadapted a reading comprehension assessment for each lesson. Facts: Translated from English to Spanish for grades K–3 Poured content…

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STAR Math (Spanish)

Summary: The Client needed a thorough revision of existing K–12 Spanish math practice items for bilingual or dual-language programs. Victory’s Spanish editorial and math teams ensured the accuracy of the content, consistency of math terminology, quality of the art, and grade-level appropriateness. Facts: A total of 5,000 multiple-choice items were revised, on time and on…

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Envision Math

Summary: Victory developed the Grade 4 California, Texas, and National editions for the SE, TE, and ancillaries, and translated two grade levels, all in 14 months. When other developers missed deadlines, Victory took on additional English editorial development work for grades 5 and 6. In the translation project, the Bilingual Teacher Edition required intensive coordination…

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La Biblia católica para niños

Summary: At Victory, translating the featured stories of La Biblia católica para niños (Saint Mary’s Press) focused on faithfully rendering the message while considering children’s developmental and reading levels. We transadapted activities to make them meaningful for young Hispanic learners, and we researched prayers and biblical, liturgical, and doctrinal quotations to provide official Spanish versions.…

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Math Ancillary Program

Summary: Victory developed a print ancillary with reproducible blackline masters aligned to the Teacher’s Editions of a mathematic K–8 program. Each chapter included a family letter (with a Spanish version). Each lesson included: Warm-up exercises to prepare students for the upcoming lesson Extra Practice exercises based on the lesson content A Reteach feature for students…

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High-Stakes Assessment Translation

Summary: At Victory, our writers and editors apply their pedagogical experience to ensure that high-stakes assessments are appropriate for students’ learning curves at each grade level. Our team’s mastery of cultures and languages makes translation and adaptation from English assessments accurate and efficient, and we also develop original assessments in Spanish. Whether assessing English as…

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Puerto Rico High-Stakes Assessments

Summary: Victory’s Spanish-speaking assessment team developed high-stakes tests for Puerto Rico’s elementary and secondary students in math, science, ESL, and Spanish. The items covered  more than 1,400 content standards across seven grade levels. Engaged in every stage of production, Victory created items, original passages, and artwork. The assessment team also collaborated with the Puerto Rico…

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