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Career Encyclopedia

Summary: Victory completed a major revision for the 10th edition. Victory editors and freelancer writers researched new careers and career clusters using government databases. Victory’s revisions included: Researching, writing, editing, and copyediting 336 new career profiles. Only some of these were new (emerging) careers, but all manuscript was new to give the revised edition a…

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Engineering Simulations

Summary: Victory developed a variety of simulations using HTML5 to support three engineering textbooks. Our staff provided the storyboards and coding to create simulations with accessibility following the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) accessibility standards. Victory also developed the artwork and the supporting calculations for the interactions. To meet the go-live date, Victory used JIRA…

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Economics Tutorials

Summary: Victory’s team of social studies editors, instructional designers, graphic designers, and software developers produced 9 engaging and highly interactive tutorials. Editors conceived the content based on publisher requirements and crafted the text Instructional designers devised the interactives and the self-paced learning flow Graphic designers created a cutting-edge graphical language as well as a polished…

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Developmental Math Assessments & Lessons

Summary: Victory developed over 7,000 adaptive digital assessment items for the NROC Developmental Math program. This program prepares students in community colleges to take college level math. When students answer a question incorrectly, they are provided with a hint and can try again. If they still answer incorrectly, their next question is an easier question.…

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