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DRC/PA Assessments

Summary: For the fifth year in a row, Victory has created high stakes mathematics and science assessment items for the state of Pennsylvania, working under the auspices of DRC. The math items were written to align with the Pennsylvania Core Standards for grades 3, 4, and 5. These items were written with the following constraints:…

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Victory Development

Evaluation Testing System

  Summary: Victory developed mathematics and science high-stakes assessment items for Pearson Education Evaluation Testing Systems. Two sets of items were developed: one set will be used to measure whether prospective math teachers have the discipline-specific knowledge needed to effectively teach in Massachusetts classrooms at elementary or secondary grade levels; the other set will assess…

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Spanish Reading Program

Summary: Victory translated, developed, and transadapted a digital and print Spanish Reading Language Arts Grade 5 curriculum program for a major educational publisher. The program included new foundational skills and vocabulary pages that were created by Victory. This content followed an original Spanish language scope and sequence based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills…

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ELA Assessment Items for Texas and Virginia

Summary: Victory developed passages and items for English Language Arts Assessment for Texas and Virginia. The Victory team wrote passages on a variety of topics appropriate for assessment and of high interest to students. Victory aligned the items to the Common Core State Standards, the Virginia English Standards of Learning, and the Texas Essential Knowledge…

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Library Asset Development 2.

Asset Library Development

Summary: Victory developed social studies content for the Client. Our staff provided a variety of materials, including nonfiction articles, encyclopedia articles, Kahoots! Quizzes, ideas for map and infographic use in the classroom, and lesson outlines relating to ancient Rome and Greece. Victory also developed the concepts for two infographics and two maps, which were produced…

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¡Qué chévere!

¡Qué chévere! (Spanish Basal Program)

Summary: Victory was the principal developer for the major revision of Client’s high school Spanish basal program, Levels 1–3, and advanced Spanish, Levels 4–5. Victory developed all editorial content for the SEs, ATEs and ancillaries. Facts: Wrote and edited lessons for 5 Spanish levels and researched authentic literature selections Production teams completed the project, from…

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EconEdLink Market Research & UX Redesign

Summary: Victory was contracted to conduct a market research study and website redesign for the Council for Economic Education. CEE’s goal was to improve accessibility for instructors and to increase usage on their EconEdLink website, which serves both instructors and students across K-12. Victory assessed CEE’s existing materials with attention to instructional design, user interface…

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Common Core Math Program

Summary: Victory developed a major Common Core revision of the Student Edition, Student Workbook, and Teacher’s Edition for grade 4. Each Student Edition lesson focused on problem solving strategies and higher-level thinking. Each chapter included an innovative performance assessment. The Workbook lessons included a lesson summary and additional  practice. The Teacher support included a unique developing-concepts…

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Math Homework Help (Spanish Translation)

Summary: For CPM, Victory’s math translation team translated Homework Hints for 104 chapters in Core Connections. We translated in Excel spreadsheets to facilitate importing into the client’s web-based delivery system. Art labels were translated and delivered via Excel as well. Facts: See the Spanish translations for grades 6-11 here: Tools: Microsoft Office MathType Adobe…

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Career Encyclopedia

Summary: Victory completed a major revision for the 10th edition. Victory editors and freelancer writers researched new careers and career clusters using government databases. Victory’s revisions included: Researching, writing, editing, and copyediting 336 new career profiles. Only some of these were new (emerging) careers, but all manuscript was new to give the revised edition a…

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Breaking the Spanish Barrier

Summary: Victory worked with John Conner, a leading voice of language instruction in the U.S., to develop the iPad version of Breaking the Spanish Barrier. We did all production work and programming. This iBook has been described as “revolutionary” and “game-changing.” John describes the iPad version as a “dream come true,” combining dynamic audio, video, and…

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Math Tablet App for Early Childhood

Summary: In the TouchMath program, special-education and struggling students of all ages build proficiencies with numbers through a system that engages learners on auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic levels. Victory used a set of HTML5 technologies to create a rich web-based front end that offers convenient online access to familiar worksheets and reproducible materials in digital…

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Engineering Course Interactions.

Engineering Simulations

Summary: Victory developed a variety of simulations using HTML5 to support three engineering textbooks. Our staff provided the storyboards and coding to create simulations with accessibility following the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) accessibility standards. Victory also developed the artwork and the supporting calculations for the interactions. To meet the go-live date, Victory used JIRA…

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Home School Social Studies Alignment (LA, OH, WI, MI, FL)

Summary: Victory was tasked with creating stand-alone lessons to fill gaps in 5 states’ curricula. We analyzed and grouped the states’ standards for grades 1–8, refined the scope and sequence, and wrote 440 2- to 3-page lessons, meeting a tight deadline. The lessons introduced and expanded on social studies concepts of citizenship, government, geography, economics,…

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Entrepreneurs A Passion for Innovation.

Entrepreneurs: A Passion for Innovation

Summary: Victory was tasked with creating an interactive PowerPoint presentation, an accompanying educator’s guide, and an online student interactive that high school teachers will use to teach entrepreneurship. Using existing elementary and middle school lessons on food science and engineering as background information, Victory developed a complete entrepreneurship lesson including definitions and examples of entrepreneurship,…

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Spanish Lesson Cards and Assessment Guide

Summary: Victory transadapted an English language product for Spanish lessons explained using English directions for the teacher. The Spanish content was based on different authentic texts that corresponded to the English lessons. We also translated and transadapted a reading comprehension assessment for each lesson. Facts: Translated from English to Spanish for grades K–3 Poured content…

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Economics & Personal Finance Course 2.

Economics & Personal Finance Course

Summary: Victory collaborated with the Client to develop an online, high school level Economics and Personal Finance course. Victory’s editorial and technology staff worked in collaboration with the Client’s content experts to develop instruction related to macro- and microeconomic concepts and financial literacy. The course was developed chiefly for high school students to satisfy Virginia’s…

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Science Biographies for California Edition

Summary: Victory was contracted to develop 24 biographic articles whose subjects, from both the past and the present, represented a range of diversity in the scientific disciplines. The 300- to 350-word articles highlighted the contributions and accomplishments of male and female professionals from varied racial backgrounds or those who had overcome physical disabilities to achieve…

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Biodiversity Project.

Biodiversity Project

Summary: The Client requested that Victory develop middle school science content relating to habitats and biodiversity. The materials we provided were nonfiction articles, encyclopedia articles, a Kahoots! Quiz, suggestions for infographics, and a lesson outline. Victory also developed two infographics from initial ideas to finished products. In addition, Victory created a “GeoStory” – ten encyclopedia-length…

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English I, II, III, IV Courses

Summary: Victory developed four high school English courses for Client’s Odysseyware® program. Each course is based on five lesson types: instructional modules, project modules, formative quizzes, summative tests, and unit reviews. Each instructional module offers a variety of interactive activities in an effort to promote learning through reading and visualization. Facts: Developed over 2,400 pages…

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Grammar Workbook Lessons.

Grammar Workbook Lessons

Summary: Victory wrote one-page workbook lessons for English Language Learners based on existing lessons in textbook program. Each workbook lesson focuses on an important grammatical concept found in the basal text. Lessons include grammatical information as well as various group and individual practice exercises. Facts: Conceptualized and wrote 72 ELA lessons for ESL students spanning…

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CA Adoption ELL Integrated Path

California English Language Development (ELD) Program

Summary: In Phase 1, working under an extremely tight deadline, Victory developed the Access Path within StudySync’s existing grades 6-8 TE reading lessons. Designed for English language Development (ELD) students, the Access Path offers scaffolded instruction for Emerging, Expanding, Bridging, and Approaching readers. The integration of the Core Path and the Access Path gives teachers…

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ELA-Balanced Literacy – Sidebar Development.

ELA-Balanced Literacy Sidebars

Summary: Victory was contracted to develop sidebar content for ELL student activities, formative assessments, and vocabulary-building exercises for a Balanced Literacy program. The ELA team developed these sidebars for 6 grade levels, containing 35 weeks within each grade, spanning 6 units. Victory also developed language objective statements for each unit across all grades. Facts: Developed…

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Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure

Summary: Victory is a subcontractor in a five-year project to write, edit, and QC test items for the Massachusetts teacher licensure examination. We also research passages and create final art. The items evaluate content knowledge for world and United States history, English, mathematics and sciences. Assessments in the 5-year project will cover these major categories:…

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Fluency Tutor

Summary: Victory was contracted to write low-level and high-level nonfiction passages, each with Common Core State Standards-aligned questions for struggling readers. Fluency Tutor’s primary tactic is to have struggling readers record their voices as they read, and each Victory passage was vetted with that auditory learning goal in mind. Facts: Developed over 60 nonfiction passage…

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Math High Stakes Item Bank

Summary: In need of a high stakes assessment item bank for the state of Pennsylvania, Client tasked Victory with creating 180 math items for grades 3–5 (60 per grade). Items were written to align to assessment anchors, descriptors, and eligible content of the Pennsylvania Core Standards. Facts: Wrote 180 mathematics high stakes assessment items spanning…

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ELA Formative Item Bank

Summary: In need of a considerable formative assessment item bank, Client tasked Victory with creating hundreds of ELA items. Teachers have the opportunity to hand-pick passage sets from the formative item bank that best serve their assessment needs; every item has been aligned to the Common Core Reading Standards. Although not developed for high-stakes assessment,…

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Star Math (Spanish).

STAR Math (Spanish)

Summary: The Client needed a thorough revision of existing K–12 Spanish math practice items for bilingual or dual-language programs. Victory’s Spanish editorial and math teams ensured the accuracy of the content, consistency of math terminology, quality of the art, and grade-level appropriateness. Facts: A total of 5,000 multiple-choice items were revised, on time and on…

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Economics Tutorials

Summary: Victory’s team of social studies editors, instructional designers, graphic designers, and software developers produced 9 engaging and highly interactive tutorials. Editors conceived the content based on publisher requirements and crafted the text Instructional designers devised the interactives and the self-paced learning flow Graphic designers created a cutting-edge graphical language as well as a polished…

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Envision Math

Summary: Victory developed the Grade 4 California, Texas, and National editions for the SE, TE, and ancillaries, and translated two grade levels, all in 14 months. When other developers missed deadlines, Victory took on additional English editorial development work for grades 5 and 6. In the translation project, the Bilingual Teacher Edition required intensive coordination…

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La Biblia católica para niños

Summary: At Victory, translating the featured stories of La Biblia católica para niños (Saint Mary’s Press) focused on faithfully rendering the message while considering children’s developmental and reading levels. We transadapted activities to make them meaningful for young Hispanic learners, and we researched prayers and biblical, liturgical, and doctrinal quotations to provide official Spanish versions.…

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Developmental Math Assessments & Lessons

Summary: Victory developed over 7,000 adaptive digital assessment items for the NROC Developmental Math program. This program prepares students in community colleges to take college level math. When students answer a question incorrectly, they are provided with a hint and can try again. If they still answer incorrectly, their next question is an easier question.…

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Algebra 1 Lessons and Assessments

Summary: Victory developed manuscript for two units of an Algebra 1 program. Each unit contained 15 direct-instruction lessons, accompanied by assessment items. Each lesson contained: 1 direct-instruction feature 1 step-by-step worked-out example 1 to 5 supporting images of graphs diagnostic assessment items Facts: Developed 2 units of 15 lessons each Developed approximately 180 assessment items…

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Math Ancillary Program

Summary: Victory developed a print ancillary with reproducible blackline masters aligned to the Teacher’s Editions of a mathematic K–8 program. Each chapter included a family letter (with a Spanish version). Each lesson included: Warm-up exercises to prepare students for the upcoming lesson Extra Practice exercises based on the lesson content A Reteach feature for students…

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Star Math (Spanish).

High-Stakes Assessment Translation

Summary: At Victory, our writers and editors apply their pedagogical experience to ensure that high-stakes assessments are appropriate for students’ learning curves at each grade level. Our team’s mastery of cultures and languages makes translation and adaptation from English assessments accurate and efficient, and we also develop original assessments in Spanish. Whether assessing English as…

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Puerto Rico High-Stakes Assessments

Summary: Victory’s Spanish-speaking assessment team developed high-stakes tests for Puerto Rico’s elementary and secondary students in math, science, ESL, and Spanish. The items covered  more than 1,400 content standards across seven grade levels. Engaged in every stage of production, Victory created items, original passages, and artwork. The assessment team also collaborated with the Puerto Rico…

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Suite of Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs)

Summary: Victory developed 23 prototype TEIs in HTML5 to help a company research new options for digital assessments. For 19 of these, Victory did complete concept development and instructional design. This project reflects our ability to develop interactive assessments using “templates” that provide a variety of functionality and look-and-feel. Selected topics: Math: Quadratic Equations Math: Cylinder…

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Summary: Victory conceptualized and developed this digital interactive authoring and collaboration system for the Virginia Department of Education. The idea was simple: Students become fully engaged when empowered to publish. In this widget authoring environment, students create timelines, graphs, and interactive images to share with the world upon teacher approval. Once published, students can embed…

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