CA Adoption ELL Integrated & Designated Paths

Integrated Path:

Victory began the partnership with textbook publisher teams in 2014 with the development of the Access Path within StudySync’s existing Grades 6–8 TE reading lessons. Lessons for the Unit Introduction, Blast, Reading, Skills, Media, and an Extending Writing project were developed for units 1–4 of all three grades. Lessons align to California’s ELD standards, Common Core State Standards, and California Common Core State Standards.

CA Adoption ELL Integrated Path

Designated Path:

In collaborative meetings, Victory assumed an essential role in developing the Designated Path prototypes. We then collaborated on the development Scope and Sequences for grades 6 and 7. A Victory team developed content for Grade 6 Unit 1 and Unit 4 and Grade 7 Unit 1 TE, SE, and Access Handout lessons. All lessons aligned to California’s ELD standards. Development included the creation of leveled texts for California’s Emerging, Expanding, and Bridging English Language Development (ELD) levels.

In a second phase, Victory developed the Designated Path for grades 9 and 10, units 1 through 4, along with content for TE, SE, lessons, and two sets of leveled texts per unit. A separate Victory team created end-of-unit assessments.