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EconEdLink Market Research & UX Redesign



Victory was contracted to conduct a market research study and website redesign for the Council for Economic Education. CEE’s goal was to improve accessibility for instructors and to increase usage on their EconEdLink website, which serves both instructors and students across K-12. Victory assessed CEE’s existing materials with attention to instructional design, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) to re-design the EconEdLink website. Victory executed the project in two distinct phases.

Phase I: Victory developed a market research survey to distribute to users. These surveys were collected and analyzed to inform on the development suggestions provided to CEE during Phase II.

Phase II: Based on the survey results from Phase I, Victory developed and revised several design options to present to CEE and CEE’s advisory board for lesson plans and the lesson-plan landing page. Based on feedback, Victory applied revisions and performed web-teleconference small focus groups and 1:1 in-depth interviews with current and prospective EconEdLink users to secure feedback on the new design options. Based on this feedback, Victory further refined its proposed design plan to CEE and delivered complete specs to complete the project.


  • Implemented instructional design to streamline teacher lesson plans and student lessons
  • Re-designed the lesson plan landing page, teacher lesson plans, and student lessons by implementing new UI and UX
  • Developed interactive design specs


  • Sketch (vector design tool)
  • Key Survey (a survey management solution designed for midsize and large businesses) 
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