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ELA Formative Item Bank

A young schoolteacher using her computer while sitting in the classroom


In need of a considerable formative assessment item bank, Client tasked Victory with creating hundreds of ELA items. Teachers have the opportunity to hand-pick passage sets from the formative item bank that best serve their assessment needs; every item has been aligned to the Common Core Reading Standards. Although not developed for high-stakes assessment, Victory carefully crafted each item to maintain equally high standards of quality, fairness, and rigor.


  • Researched permissioned passages for formative assessment item bank
  • Wrote 700 ELA formative assessment items spanning grades 3-11
  • Developed passage sets within Client’s online management system, Nimble Item Authoring (NIA)
  • Ensured a wide-range of Depth of Knowledge levels
  • Attended client meetings held in Worcester, MA and Dover, NH
  • Turned around revisions in a timely manner, often within 24 hours


  • EDL Word List
  • Children’s Writers’ Word Book
  • NIA
  • Online content management system
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