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Asset Library Development

Library Asset Development 1.
Library Asset Development 2.


Victory developed social studies content for the Client. Our staff provided a variety of materials, including nonfiction articles, encyclopedia articles, Kahoots! Quizzes, ideas for map and infographic use in the classroom, and lesson outlines relating to ancient Rome and Greece. Victory also developed the concepts for two infographics and two maps, which were produced by a partnering design firm. Finally, Victory drafted copy for a specific instructional material called a GeoStory, which included ten “story points” along with image suggestions, vocabulary terms, and links for additional resources. The GeoStory related to the topic of the ancient Roman Republic and its development.


  • Developed 5 nonfiction articles, 28 encyclopedia articles, 5 ideas for map use in the classroom, 6 ideas for infographic use in the classroom, 3 Kahoots! Quizzes, 2 infographics, 2 maps, 3 lesson outlines, and 1 Geostory
  • Aligned content to the NCSS and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) standards


  • Microsoft Office
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