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Home School Social Studies Alignment (LA, OH, WI, MI, FL)

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Victory was tasked with creating stand-alone lessons to fill gaps in 5 states’ curricula. We analyzed and grouped the states’ standards for grades 1–8, refined the scope and sequence, and wrote 440 2- to 3-page lessons, meeting a tight deadline. The lessons introduced and expanded on social studies concepts of citizenship, government, geography, economics, personal finance, and state, national and world history.


  • Analyzed and combined Louisiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida standards, when possible, to streamline scope and sequence
  • Developed 440 stand-alone social studies lessons for grades 1-8 in five states; lessons included geography, civics, economics and history skills aligned to these five states’ standards


  • Word
  • Grades 1-8 social studies standards (LA, OH, WI, MI, FL)
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