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Science Biographies for California Edition

Two Scientist Looking at the Computer Monitor, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Victory was contracted to develop 24 biographic articles whose subjects, from both the past and the present, represented a range of diversity in the scientific disciplines. The 300- to 350-word articles highlighted the contributions and accomplishments of male and female professionals from varied racial backgrounds or those who had overcome physical disabilities to achieve their success. The Client required these materials for its California special edition curriculum called Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology (IQWST). The articles help inspire all students to consider STEM career pathways.


  • Produced 24 biography articles presenting profiles of 12 male and 12 female individuals working in a variety of scientific disciplines (e.g., physics, life sciences, chemistry, earth sciences, space sciences)
  • Collected over 30 photos that were included with the submitted biographies
  • Conducted research into individuals to produce biographies detailing their early lives, diverse backgrounds, and scientific achievements and contributions


  • Word
  • Lexile Professional Analyzer
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