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The Critical Thinking Tool (CTT)

The Answer to Teaching 21st Century Skills

Critical Thinking Tool

The Critical Thinking Tool offers digital templates that are used to construct critical thinking lessons. The online digital interactives can be customized to supplement existing products or developed for new, innovative personalized learning lessons that include formative assessment and competency-based projects. All lessons are standards-based and are developed using Bloom’s Taxonomy and Universal Design.
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With our Critical Thinking Tool, Victory can create K-12 critical thinking lessons. Lessons can be cross-curricular or focus on ELA, mathematics, science, or social studies.

  • The primary goal of each lesson is to teach the critical thinking skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis.
  • Critical thinking begins with the first activity and continues throughout the lesson.
  • Each online lesson utilizes scaffolded interactives to deliver personalized learning with embedded competency-based assessments.
  • Lessons can be used independently, in groups, or with a whole class.  They are perfect for a flipped classroom.
  • A lesson typically spans a two-week period in twenty-minute segments.
  • Lessons are built-in common cartridge to work with Canvas, Moodle, or any LMS
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